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BRIDGIT™ Development Platform

BRIDGIT™ is an end-to-end Broadband Power Line Communication (BPL) hardware and software development platform to help you efficiently integrate high-speed power line communication into your IoT products. At ECOLINQX™ we provide all the hardware, software, and required engineering support throughout your IoT project.

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ECOLINQX™ HD-PLC - Meets the Demands of Next-Gen Industrial IoT Communication

Robustness, speed, range, fast response times, and crypto-strong security are all required to maintain a reliable edge connectivity while staying within budget. HD-PLC addresses all these for your Industrial IoT communication needs.


Advanced generation of affordable, intelligent, and interconnected devices are driving enhancements in operational efficiency, unlocking new business opportunities, and fundamentally transforming how we interact with the world around us. HD-PLC provides the most cost-effective backbone communication infrastructure for Smart City applications.


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Accelerate your IoT-connected hardware and software design projects. Whether it is a simple integration, or embedded system design and integration, our team has the experience and the expertise to handle it.