ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. April 20, 2023 – ECOLINQX Corporation, specializing in IoT communications and networking products and design services today announced the release of “BRIDGIT” HD-PLC System-on-Module (SoM).

BRIDGET is a small, state-of-the-art, highly integrated transceiver and repeater designed for the most cost sensitive IoT applications delivering the highest communication performance, speed, robustness, response times, and power consumption over any wired media.

Based on the latest IEEE 1901-2020 PHY/MAC, and ITU 9905 “Centralized Metric-based Source Routing (CMSR)” standards a.k.a. HD-PLC, BRIDGIT delivers high-speed, bi-directional, IP based communication over any type of wiring. It acts as a plug-and-play bridge between various wired connections such as AC/DC power lines, CAT5, twisted pair, AC/DC power lines, COAX or phone lines, making it ideal for both new, or existing wiring infrastructure, saving labor and material costs.

BRIDGET SoM combines a 32-bit microcontroller, HD-PLC baseband, a fully integrated Analog-Front-End (AFE) with high precision A/D, D/A data converters, programmable gain amplifier (PGA), and optional line driver in a compact 21mm x 32mm, low-power, industrial grade, surface-mount module to deliver megabit speeds at ranges of several Kilometers, and supporting over 1000 nodes in a single Free-Topology network. In addition, the integrated MCU offers ample processing power, and memory (RAM) to run your custom user application, or communication protocol of your choice (LON, BACNET, KNX, MODBUS, DALI…) resulting in further savings.

“Power line communication (PLC) technology has come a long way in the past 20 years. We have worked hard to address many of the problems that plagued narrowband PLC such as speed, robustness, response time, and security. Today’s new broadband PLC has been proven to work in a variety of mission critical applications and installations such as smart grids, smart buildings, smart transportation, and others. At ECOLINQX we are now making the technology more accessible to customers by providing a low-cost, low-power, easy to integrate platform so they can get to market faster with less design resources and time” said Michael Navid, the founder and CEO at ECOLINQX.

Evaluation kits are available for well-qualified customers. Contact ECOLINQX for more details.

About ECOLINQX™ Corporation

ECOLINQX™ designs and manufactures standard and custom communication products based on power line communication (PLC) for the Internet-of-Things.

ECOLINQX™ offers a wide variety of hardware and software customization options that enable customer-specific applications and solutions. Whether you need a custom-made product, require specific software feature, or need complete product development services, our network of expertise will quickly bring your product to market with the results you want. So, no matter what your IoT applications requires, we have the right solution for you.

ECOLINQX™ is a Delaware Corporation with headquarters in Southern California, and resource centers in Osaka, Japan, and Balzers, Liechtenstein.

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