Low-Cost HD-PLC Evaluation Kit

Orange County, California — ECOLINQX™ Corporation, expert in advanced power line communication technologies, is excited to announce the launch of a new low-cost HD-PLC Evaluation Kit. Based on the IEEE1901 Broadband Power Line PHY/MAC and ITU-T G.9905 CMSR standards and supported by Nessum Alliance, this Evaluation Kit is aimed at making HD-PLC technology more accessible to users for evaluating its innovative features and performance in their next Industrial IoT projects.

Communication technology is recognized as the backbone of any IoT system. ECOLINQX™ HD-PLC stands out with its versatility, supporting a wide range of applications from controlling and monitoring IoT sensors and actuators to high-speed audio/video transmission. The HD-PLC underscores the necessity for a communication solution that is robust, future-proof, and cost-effective for long-term success in the evolving IoT landscape. It is compatible with any wiring infrastructure, offering enhanced data rates of up to 500Mbps (PHY), 1028 nodes, extended ranges, free topology, heightened security, and much more. Positioned as a cost-effective choice, it addresses the needs of both device manufacturers and end customers.

Michael Navid, ECOLINQX’s Founder and CEO, emphasized the critical role of choosing the right communication technology in the success of any IoT project. He stated, “Our aim with this Evaluation Kit is to enhance accessibility for users, eliminating the need for substantial financial investments or long-term commitments. The Kit comprises all the essential components – hardware, software, tools, and documentation – facilitating a straightforward and rapid setup for the evaluation of ECOLINQX™ HD-PLC Technology and solutions.”

The HD-PLC Evaluation Kit is built around the BRIDGIT™ HD-PLC Adapter, a complete Ethernet bridge tailored for evaluating HD-PLC technology. It supports testing Ethernet over AC power lines or RS485 right out of the box. It acts as an Ethernet Switch, seamlessly connecting various networks such as power lines, twisted pair, CAT5, CAT6, or COAX wiring.

The BRIDGIT™ HD-PLC Adapter supports two versions of the standard – Hopper for long-range communication and Sprinter for high-speed communication. Users can effortlessly switch between the two versions by uploading the desired firmware. In addition, developers gain the flexibility of configuring their operating frequency within the range of 600kHz to 56MHz, based on their specific application requirements. The included NetworkManager software enables real-time configuration, monitoring, and management of complex networks.

The BRIDGIT™ HD-PLC Adapter is available as part of ECOLINQX™ Development Platforms and standard Evaluation kits, or as a standalone purchase. The comprehensive Evaluation Kit includes all necessary hardware, software, and documentation. For more information, please contact ECOLINQX™ at support@ecolinqx.com.